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A Harry Potter RPG

Apparecium RPG
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Welcome to Apparecium

What is Apparecium?

Apparecium is an advanced Harry Potter RPG, taking place in 1995-96, making Harry and his friends in their fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It basically starts up where Goblet of Fire left off. Now, angrier than ever, Voldemort is back with a new plan. He is at his full power and ready to attack. Witness as the students’ lives journey through love, loss, hormones and angst. Recently, in attempts to bring the houses together, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore has assigned everybody ( both students and professors ) a muggle journal. Role-playing may be done in the community journal, but it must be in third person. Anything in your personal journals must be in first person. All owls should be posted in the community journal as well as OOC notices.

What are the Rules?

1) You must be 15 years or older to participate. This is for obvious reasons.
2) In order to keep this RPG alive and running, you are required to post a minimum of two entries per week. If you are unable to do this ( I realize people have lives ), you MUST contact a mod either through an email or a comment in the community journal.
3) Please keep all fighting in-character. If you have a problem with another player, avoid taking matters into your own hands and come directly to one of the Mods. We will do our best to try and solve the problem.
4) If you are posting out of character, please state this as the subject or in an LJ-cut. This is just as to avoid confusion of any kind. Also, if a post is labeled “private”, the others characters have no knowledge of it.
5) Please stay as in-character as possible. I realize that as the characters grow older, they change and develop, but do not over-exaggerate this. Meaning, Hermione doesn’t suddenly come back from summer vacation and loses interest in studying and develops a crush on Draco. Something acceptable would be Harry is suddenly anti-social due to recent events and refuses to talk to anybody and just stays up in his room. Eventually, this will have to change, but you understand.
6) Introduction of magical items/creatures should be checked first with one of the Mods. If you are unsure what might be considered a magical item/creature might be, don't hesitate to ask. Timeturners, aging potions, werewolves, vampires, dementors, etc. could change the direction of the Role-Play, so please check with a Mod before using them.
7) Respect all the players and mods. Be nice. After all, this is only a game, n’est pas?

But What About Relationships?

We are no strangers to slash or any form of it. If you are not mature enough to handle this, please don’t join. You are not forced to slash your character, but if you want to, you have full permission. Of course, you can’t just jump into a relationship that easy! We all know relationships take time to develop and grow. If you wish to slash your character, be creative about it. The only thing I would probably have a problem with is Harry and Draco. This would of course take quite some time to be done, but it is possible. If you wish to get into any type of a relationship with any character, please get permission from that character’s player first. If they don’t accept, then too bad – don’t try and force them into it. Adult Role-Playing is fine, as well, but if you’re going to post about it in your journal, place it in an LJ-cut with a warning to the reader.

Well, Does it Have a Plot?

As of now, the mods are working on this. The general plot will be updated often by the mods, but other than that, minor plots revolving around your own character is up to you. Just remember to discuss this with all characters involved in your plot and make sure it is OK with them first.

Can Anybody Join?

Actually, no. Apparecium is for mature, serious and advanced Role-Players only. I have recently decided that I will only accept applications of top and high-quality. This is because we want to keep the quality of writing and plots at it’s best. Please do not feel discouraged – try your luck! You will usually get a response within 2-4 days of sending an application. However, if you don’t get a response, you are most likely not accepted. This of course means nothing personal – perhaps I just don’t think your character would head in the direction we are going for in this RP.
First, check the list to see if the character you want is still available. If s/he is, send an email to apparecium@hotmail.com with “RPG” as the subject. In the email, please include the following:

Experience RPing (where + who?):

Profession (teacher, student, etc.):
If a student, provide year and house / if a teacher, provide subject:
Sample Entry (Minimum 200 words, please. This can be about anything. When I say anything, I mean it must involve your character in some way):

You may be asked to have a sample role-play in a chat with a selected character on a selected date. However, if your application is thorough enough, this can be prevented. Once again, we only want advanced players.
Upon acceptance, you will be asked to make a journal for your character. Invitation codes are limited, so please try and get your own before asking for one. AIM screen name is a MUST. You may use either a personal name or one made for your character. All RPing takes place through either AIM or comments, so a screen name is required.
For now, only canon characters will be accepted ( OR ANY LEXICON CHARACTER ) and regular players are allowed 2 characters each. If you prove to be an active player, you may eventually be allowed 3, depending on how things go.
Please do not join if you don’t think you will have enough time for this RP. Do not join if you see yourself quitting in a few weeks.

Taken Characters:

[+] Harry Potter
[+] Ginny Weasley
[+] Hermione Granger
[+] Neville Longbottom
[+] Ron Weasley
[+] Draco Malfoy
[+] Blaise Zabini
[+] Tracey Davis
[+] Pansy Parkinson
[+] Padma Patil
[+] Cho Chang
[+] Michael Nott
[+] Hannah Abbott
[+] Fleur Delacour Astronomy
[+] Severus Snape Potions
[+] Tom Riddle
[+] Remus Lupin
[+] Narcissa Malfoy


Apparecium is moderated by Rachel [_ginny]. Contact me for questions or comments.

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