Ginny Weasley (_ginny) wrote in apparecium,
Ginny Weasley


Well .. yeah. It's dead. Sob, tear, boohoo. It's not like anybody did anything to "save" it or anything. I can't really blame it on all of you, since I didn't update that much either. You're right, there was nothing to update *about*. And that's why the second I felt this RPing was dying, Jess (Tom Riddle) and I went ahead and made a new one: disapparate. I didn't want to tell anyone because I wanted completely new faces (no offense to anybody!), but now it's out in the open. And if you want to join, go ahead. I can't guarantee you'll be accepted, though, because I was very leniant with who I chose in this game. The end. I hope you all had your fun.

If Jess and Christine see this - would you like to continue a private SL with Gin/Tom/Nev? Because I loved playing Gin, and .. yeah.

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