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If you would all just please take the time to read rule number 2 on the userinfo page. It clearly states that everybody should update at lease twice a week. Now, I know even I haven't been updating twice a week.. so I've been extremely leniant on this one. If not twice a week, at least once a week, people. Especially those of you that have just recently joined.. for example, Hermione-player, you've only made one update so far, which wouldn't really even be considered an update.

I tried to make it clear in the application that you should only join if you will have time for this RPG, but it seems that hardly any of you do. I hate the excuse "there's nothing to update about" - that's not my problem! You should all be RPing with one another.. and if you live in a strange time zone (like I do), find another way to do it (comment-RPing works, you know).

Thank you.

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