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just to let you know...

Hello OOC, Christine here! Just letting everyone know that if you want to rp with me (Neville) it might be easier just to rp in the comments. Then, if we happen to be online at the same time we can pick up where we left off. I sleep at VERY odd times, so I'm usually away. Oh, and if you want to talk plot or what not, e-mail me.

IM: christineownsyou

Talk to y'all soon!
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Hey! Comment-RPing is the best! If you want, check out Ginny's last post where Jess and I are gonna start RPing.. it'd be really kick-ass if Neville could join in in the middle and actually 'meet' Tom. What do you say? If you want to join, go right ahead. Neville can just like.. pop out of nowhere. :D
Seeing as how I havnt even really officially RP-ed with anyone since joining as no one is ever online on my AIM list for this RPG, comment or email RP seems like the optimum someone can either comment on mine or email me at

- Emma -