pansy parkinson (silver_pansy) wrote in apparecium,
pansy parkinson

I really don't want to do this, but I have to leave this RPG.

I feel awful about it, really, but I'm just not able to contribute in the way that I'd like to. I have high hopes for all of you, especially you Rach, because you really seem to know what an RPG needs. Just reading the application info makes me have hope for RPs everywhere. Please continue to strive for a fun and high quality game!

Unfortunately, I have to get my ass in gear. If my grades don't pick up soon, I'll lose the scholarships I've been offered and I won't be able to pursue my ambitions. As it is, I'm staying up late every nigh just catching up, as I fell way behind due to depression this winter.

I'm serious about RPGs. When I'm in one I want to give it my all from plot ideas to simply the writing, and I haven't been doing that here. Not only is it nearly impossible to catch anyone on IM, the lack of time has really affected the quality of my entries here and in other games. I don't know how much longer I can make up little stories to compensate for the fact that I haven't been able to RP very much. You guys deserve someone who will be more into it.

I'm telling you all this because I just hope you don't think badly of me. When I joined in November I fully intended to stay. I'm not really a quitter. Things happened though and I have to be fair to myself and to you. If I ever see any of you in another RP someday, I just hope you won't remember me as 'that quitter'. I've met some very nice people here and I hope you don't mind if I still IM you once in a while.

I will be deleting all the entries in this lj and keeping it because I really love the name. I hope that's ok. I used my own code for it.

I'll still watch what happens here. Again, I'm very sorry. Good luck to you all.

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